Some beginner tips for runners

Persevering through 15 miles where I did not fuel or hydrate well…but I learned lots and pushed through to the end! Despite a tough finish…I couldn’t help but smile as I took in the sights around me and watched the sun rise over the city.  Sunday I woke up and just knew I again wanted to get out the door again for a while. Beautiful day…perfect for an adventure with my pups. They persevered through my desire to walk all over town and all 3 of us came home exhausted:)

This morning’s post is absolutely timely for me. I realized that, since I am basically starting over with my running after a few-month hiatus, I might as well share my tips for beginning runners! Because no matter whether you have been a runner forever and have simply taken a break, or if you are lacing up those sneakers for the first time, starting at the beginning can be tough.

That’s why they call is square one, right? But square one doesn’t have to be terrible. You just need a little guidance to start heading towards squares two, three and four! In this post I will be posting some beginner tips for runners and also about rowing machine which is very beneficial for those want to become a professional runner. Yes a top quality rowing machine makes a difference, you will find out this article, but first some important tips for beginners.

1. Start slowly. This seems like common sense, right? Wrong. It’s actually one of the toughest tips to follow. Once you start knocking out quarter miles, half miles, etc, it’s hard to not want to keep going! But doing too much too soon can lead to injury, burnout and the end of your budding running career. This (ironically) is one of those places where it is better to be the tortoise and not the hare.

2. Don’t be afraid to walk. Most beginning running plans actually have walking breaks built into them! Walking for a minute or two can reenergize you, give your body a little break and allow you to actually run for longer. Totally counterintuitive, but it works.

3. Get the right gear. No, I’m not just saying this because I love a good shopping trip. In this case, having the right clothes (good socks, moisture-wicking clothes – no cotton!) and the right hiking boots for women can keep you dry and happy. And injury-free. You don’t have to spend a fortune either – Target and TJ Maxx have some great workout clothes (and shoes) that don’t cost an arm and a leg! Save those arms and legs for your running

4. Pick a plan. And a goal. Maybe this is my Type-A-ness rearing its ugly head. But I know that the reason I stuck with my running when I started last fall is because I was following a plan. Couch to 5k is a good for beginners, and so are some of Hal Higdon’s plans. I also know that I stuck to my plan even more because I had a goal in mind – to run a half-marathon! Nothing motivates you more than plunking down that credit card for a little chunk of change months in advance…

and one of my favorite (yet strange) tips?

5. Tell people. Tell everyone you know, in fact – maybe do it via a blog? Hey, it worked for me  Because I had so many people, both in person and online, encouraging me and supporting me and checking in and HOLDING ME ACCOUNTABLE there is no way that I could stop running. I had too much to prove!

So there you have it. Just a few things that helped me when I started out last fall. It seems crazy to me now that I could be giving advice on running – all this from a little girl who vowed never to run again once field hockey and lacrosse ended? Yeah, I’ve come a long way.

Why you need a rowing machine

Now coming back to rowing machine.We all know a healthy and fit body is so much important for a good and pain free life. But to maintain our body, we need to do lot of work like exercise, running , swimming etc. A rowing machine is one the best equipment you can buy that will not only keep your body fit, but will improve your stamina, immune and cardiovascular fitness.

It is an extremely efficient fitness equipment for your aerobic workout. Rowing machines require innumerable muscle group and functions to operate and work hence it is very efficient and effective in raising your heart rate and thus increase your oxygen uptake. This is one full body workout machine you can truly rely on. So now we know the importance and benefits of rowing machine, the next question is how we can buy the best rowing machine for runners?

rowing machine UK 2018There are thousands of rowing machines are available in the market manufactured by various companies and different types, the sports rowing machine is one of the model of the rowing machine among them. This rowing machine includes a full-range of rowing motions that is capable on working on all major muscle groups of the body including legs, arms, back, abs, and buttocks. Some  rowing machine features a sturdy steel frame construction with oar-like rowing arms; it also includes adjustable shock resistance, comfortable molded seat, and in-built computer with multi-function electronic monitor. The most encouraging for fitness enthusiasts is that sports rowing machine folds quite easily and nicely for easy storage.

Maintaining a rowing machine

The integrity rowing machines are the air type if rowing machines, these machines are known for their smooth action, good monitors, easy to vary and track the intensity of your workout. The only drawback of these machines is that the chain comes off the track easily if handle is knocked out of the rack. It is a very good rowing machine but it can’t match the gym quality. You have to reset the chain on the gear occasionally, but that’s the only drawback that this machine has and if you are opting this machine then you have to make up your mind to live with it.

The track length of the machine is quite comfortable and accommodates most of the people with a varied leg length. You should not find it at all difficult to assemble, with the exception of the resistance cord and chain, which takes some significant hand and arm strength to pull into place and hook together. The Integrity rowing machine is very solid and well made, does not rock or shift while you are using it, and you would not see any of the parts breaking like some cheap rowing machines that break at the welds, this one is not going to do that as it is has a robust construction.