Newness – Transformation from 2017 – 2018

Welcome 2018! I have been kind of avoiding the whole recap thing this season. First I was legitimately the busiest I have ever been in my life with renovating and moving and Christmas season and visitors and and and. Then, I just stopped and actually took a little bit of a break.

Our house is coming along quite well, and the pictures are coming. My mom borrowed my camera and since I’m practically snowed in, I haven’t prioritized getting it back.

2017 was a hilly year, with it’s fair share of ups and downs. Joel and I spent our New Year’s Eve reflecting on our memory jar, and so many amazing memories were made! It was a good year overall. You really can’t say otherwise when you’re sitting in your first real home. The year also had some pretty big job/career changes for me. My work life was a huge stressor and impacted me a lot throughout the year; however, the good truly outweighed the bad. The challenges brought many lessons and I’m grateful for the journey I’m on.

There is still a lot of unknown with this year and my work life, but it feels fresh. It’s new. There are good things happening amongst the unknown, and believe me, I’m working very very hard to stay as positive as possible. It’s easy to give in, and freak out. But I have a to-do list and I’ve done work this week, and for that I’m stupidly grateful.

One thing I’ve been looking forward to this week is getting back into a rhythm. Oh man, what is it about the holidays? They’re worse than Halloween. My house has been packed full of sugar and chocolate. And boy, I divulged. Not to mention, the two weeks of crazy renos and no kitchen brought more fast food than I’ve eaten in years. More pop than I’ve drank in many a years. It was gross.

I went from the healthiest I’ve ever eaten in my life, to probably the worst spree of junk in quite some time. The funny thing is, well I felt icky, I know that doing the Whole 30 cleansed my system so much that I felt a lot better than I should have.

This week I’ve been trying to eat as paleo as possible, and I’m definitely gearing up to do another Whole 30 in the nearish future. For now I’ve kind of given myself a rule that it’s paleo if it’s just us, but in social settings I’ll allow differently. My goal is to set a new start date before the end of the month. My Whole 30  numero two will be a slight adjustment… I am allowing myself agave nectar with my coffee in the morning. That’s it. I am worried about a round two, not going to lie. I feel like doing it again will be harder to be as strict (since I’ve already made an amendment).

At the end of the day, I’m not going to let the politics of failing a Whole 30 change what eating by Whole 30 rules means. It’s a healthy life. I feel good. I look well. My clothes fit better.

If I have something in a social setting, then big whoop. You move forward. I’ve learned paleo is what feels right for my body and you just keep moving on. Life isn’t perfect and it’s too short to punish yourself for living.

So while I’m not the resolutioner type, I have been thinking about life after the holidays a lot while I was holidaying. Life in the new house, new routines. Newness. Some things that are important to me right now are:

  • getting into a gratitude routine again – I’ve been pretty good the last week or so. I got into a bad slump where I felt myself complaining, constantly in a rotten mood and being just ungrateful. Getting back to my journal makes me feel like me.
  • eating well – I hate letting myself suck into the void of good tastes and easy foods. I get the most joy from a healthy home cooked meal. This has been going pretty well minus the fact that I’ve been pretty terrible at not eating anything until noon.
  • getting outside more – Nelson is in love with winter and even just our little treks in the morning make me feel so much better about the day. We’d also like to get some snowshoes.

So that’s all for now and this lengthy post. I mentioned being a bit snowed in. Roads are closed all over the place. We have gotten SO MUCH snow the last three days, and it’s still not stopping. Lucky for Nelson, snow is his most favourite thing in the world!