Garden decor tips – choosing right garden lights

Over the last couple of weeks I hadn’t realized how jaded I felt. I walked through the garden still vibrant with late summer colour and wondered when it was going to keel over so I could get on with some winter jobs. I poked my nose into the greenhouse and looked at cuttings. Then eyed up the tender perennials thinking “You will be all-right for a bit, no need to move you”. My enthusiasm for anything had vanished!

Fortunately earlier in the year I had arranged to meet up with some friends in London, so last week saw me taking myself off to visit amongst other places “The old smoke”. But anyways in this post, I will be discussing about garden lights that you can use to decor your garden.

Beautify Your Lawn or Garden With Outdoor Garden Lights

Solar powered outdoor garden lights and wind chimes make beautiful additions to any garden, patio or anywhere else that needs some decoration. They are great garden features because they require no cords or electricity to function. Simply place them in an area where they will receive sunlight in the daytime and enjoy a wondrous display at night!

Whether you want to light up a walkway or add an accent to a dark corner, you’ll find a gorgeous solar garden light or solar wind chime to fit your style.

Solar powered garden lighting is a low-cost, easily installed way to light up your garden. The lamps consist of a solar panel, a LED lamp, and a rechargeable battery. They recharge during the day for instant night time light.

Solar powered lights come in a variety of different styles including simple walk way stakes, fanciful decorations, step lighting, and pool lights. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks to solar lighting.

Benefits (compared to wired garden lights)

  • low cost
  • easy to install
  • easier to maintain


  • less bright than wired lighting
  • won’t work properly in shady areas

You might want something textured. You may prefer iron. Maybe you want something ultra-fancy and ornate. Perhaps you’d prefer basic and casual. For those opposed to the idea of heavy fixtures or large lights, rope light outdoor lights provide a more subtle alternative. The term rope light outdoor lights refer to any type of accent lights that are arranged in tubes and not individual features. They are made up of a compilation of ½ watt tiny bulbs, spaced apart and encased in a flexible tube. Two versions are available, those being 12 volt and 120 volt. They are effective in both indoor and outdoor usage.

Outdoor hanging lights for patio

If you love to entertain outdoors, chances are that you have had to deal with lighting issues. When you have your buddies over to grill up burgers and sip on cold drinks, and it starts getting late, it also starts getting dark. Turning on the flood light or even the porch light can be a bit hard on the eyes, and face it, that type of lighting leaves a little to be desired. If you’re looking for stylish lights that function well, you may want to invest in Corona outdoor hanging patio lights.

Picture that same scenario. Your friends are over. The grill is hot. It’s getting dark, but you don’t have to endure the ugly glare from the porch light. You also don’t have to fumble around the house, looking for as many candles as you can find and scattering them across your deck. With Corona outdoor hanging patio lights, you’ll merely need to flip a switch and your party can continue just as late as you want.

Corona outdoor hanging patio lights are the perfect compliment to your outdoor décor. They can really light up your deck area. If you have an in-ground swimming pool, you may want to even add some extra lighting to highlight the pool area, providing a surreal, picturesque view for your guests.

When purchasing Corona outdoor hanging patio lights, make sure to choose something that coordinates with the outside décor of your home. Whether you like simple and elegant, casual and basic, or something cutting edge, a sales professional can direct you to different models. There really is something for every taste. Pretty soon, your patio can have a whole new look. You’ll love entertaining and showing off your new lights.